Level 13, West - Intensive Care Unit 13B3

Presentation of the Ward

Department of Anaesthesiology and General Intensive Care
Supervising anaesthesiologist/critical care physician: W. Schramm, MD, Prof.
Fig. 1
The focus of care given on 13B3 reflects the proximity of the ICU to the cardio thoracic ICU (13B2). In addition, we closely cooperate with surgical and other disciplines. Some of our patients are transferred directly from other hospitals. High risk patients are then accompanied during transfer by a team from our unit.
The focus of treatment was on: serious hemodynamic instability, respiratory insufficiency and lung failure (ARDS), renal insufficiency and failure, cerebral insult, head trauma, acute life threatening endocrine and/or metabolic dysfunction, medication over-doses and poisoning, blood coagulation disorders, serious infections and septic shock with subsequent multi-organ failure, eating disorders, multiple trauma, organ donors, post surgical management also after cardiothoracic surgery, and organ transplantation.
Fig. 2
Besides the medical and nursing supervisors four residents are always present. They are responsible for intensive and anaesthesiological care in the operation rooms. 18 full time nurses, 8 part time nurses, and one to two physical therapists are assigned to the ward to care for 6 - 8 intensive care patients 24 hours per day.
Fig. 3
The treatment of patients, who underwent cardiac surgery with intra-arterial balloon pumps (IABP) and extracorporeal cardiovascular support is now part of our clinical routine. We also focus on intensive care after hepatic failure.
Fig. 4
Current research interests focus on the development of new treatment modalities for patients with multiple organ failure and with neurotrauma.